What we do?

NanoEmi is a deep-tech graphene company focused on development of the new 2D materials & composites for efficient screening of electromagnetic radiation. NanoEMI is a startup targeted to solve problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices.

We are also a European producer of pure graphene in the form of powdered graphene flakes and a suspension of graphene flakes.

We are European producer of:

Graphene flakes powder

Graphene nanoplatelets in the form of graphene flakes powder. Unleash the power of innovation with our top-notch graphene flakes powder production for next-gen technologies.

Graphene flakes suspension

Full potential of graphene with our high-quality graphene flakes suspension, produced to the highest standards for maximum performance

Emigraph - Composite sheets

Composites that block electromagnetic radiation.
Experience the power of innovation with our Emigraph composite sheets production with shielding solutions, made with the revolutionary graphene material.

Research and development is the core business of our company. We offer our services in the field of engineering 2D materials with parameters tailored to specific needs. Our materials are simple in use but highly advanced inside. We employ results of patent-protected nanotechnology achievements of our team.

Our scientific activity
based on graphene technology development

NanoEMI is a startup targeted to solve problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a serious side effect of operation of any electronic device having negative impact onto other devices causing their malfunction. We provide measures how to fight with electrosmog.

We are a spin-off company of the Warsaw University of Technology. We think that the methods people were using to address this issue so far are not effi cient enough. Using new materials we would like to propose a disruptive solution in the form of a composite material which is applicable in mass-scale production processes.

In our activity we focused on
development of composite materials

Graphene composites are materials reinforced with graphene, a two-dimensional material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. These materials offer several advantages, including high strength and stiffness, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and low weight. The development of lightweight graphene composites is an active area of research, with potential applications in many industries. The unique properties of graphene offer exciting opportunities to develop stronger, lighter and more efficient materials that can improve performance and sustainability.

Advantages of using nanoEmi's graphene composites

Minimize reflection in the shielding mechanism

The ability of graphene-based materials to reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation that is reflected off their surface, which can be very important in shielding applications.
Graphene-based composites offer several advantages over other materials for this purpose, including their high electrical conductivity and unique structure. These properties enable the composites to efficiently absorb and dissipate electromagnetic radiation, which minimizes the amount of reflected radiation.

Additionally, the use of graphene composites can improve the overall performance of the shielding mechanism by reducing the weight and thickness of the material required for effective shielding. This can make the shielding mechanism more compact, lightweight, and easier to integrate into different devices and systems.

Isotropic materials

The development of new isotropic materials with specific properties is an active area of research, and advanced techniques such as nanotechnology and materials science are used to engineer these materials at the atomic and molecular level. Isotropic materials are being studied for a variety of applications including electronics, sensors and optics.

Blocking of electromagnetic radiation

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice that can block electromagnetic radiation by absorbing and deflecting incoming waves. This makes it a promising material for developing technologies that protect against harmful radiation, such as in medical imaging or in space exploration.

Mass-scale production

We are interested in researching manufacturing techniques that are commonly used to produce high volume products or parts with consistent quality and low cost.

  • Injection molding is a process that involves injecting molten material into a mold to produce a product with a desired shape. It is widely used in the production of plastic products and parts.
  • Thermoforming is a process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable temperature, then formed into a specific shape using a mold. This process is used to produce a variety of products, including packaging, automotive parts, and medical devices.
  • 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates three-dimensional objects by layering materials such as plastic, metal, or ceramics. This technology is increasingly being used in mass-scale production processes as it allows for greater design flexibility and customization, while reducing the need for traditional manufacturing tools and processes.


The development of lightweight graphene composites involves incorporating graphene into a parent material, such as polymers or metals, to create a material with improved properties. The resulting composites can be produced using a variety of techniques, including chemical vapor deposition, solution processing and melt processing.The nanoEmi company is developing lightweight graphene composite materials to improve the performance of various applications such as aerospace, automotive and sports equipment. These materials are designed to be strong and stiff, yet lightweight, which can lead to better fuel efficiency, increased speed and improved durability.

Our second key activity is production of high-quality graphene flakes
for the use in composite, electronic, life-sciences and other applications.

NanoEmi company focus on manufacturing high-quality graphene flakes, which can be used in various applications such as composites, electronics, and life sciences. The production of high-quality graphene flakes is an important activity for our company witch looking to advance various graphene fields and technologies. The use of graphene flakes in composites, electronics, and life sciences offers exciting possibilities for enhancing performance, improving sustainability, and developing new applications.

High-quality graphene flakes

Graphene flakes are thin sheets of graphene that have unique properties such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, and high surface area. These properties make graphene flakes an attractive material for a range of applications.

  • One application of graphene flakes is in the production of composite materials. Graphene flakes can be incorporated into various matrix materials such as polymers, metals, and ceramics, to create composites with enhanced properties such as increased strength and stiffness, improved electrical and thermal conductivity, and reduced weight.
  • Graphene flakes are also used in electronic applications, such as in the production of conductive inks, sensors, and batteries. Due to their high electrical conductivity and surface area, graphene flakes can improve the performance of these devices.
  • In life sciences, graphene flakes are being explored for various applications such as drug delivery, biosensors, and tissue engineering. Graphene flakes can interact with biological systems in unique ways, which can lead to new opportunities in these areas.

Partner with a technology company that is at the forefront of innovation and progress of graphene.

Discover nanoEmi solutions

Why graphene nanoplatelets from nanoEmi?

We are a credible European supplier of pure graphene and composites. Our focus is high quality product at affordable pricing. We produce inhouse using our own, proprietary methods.

Why Choose Us

Ultimate purity of flakes

Experience the highest quality with our pure graphene flakes. Made using more patented manufacturing processes, these flakes consist of up to several layers, ensuring unparalleled quality in all applications.

Very limited structural defects

Our graphene flakes are perfect for all applications in electronics where the high quality of the lattice structure is required to secure proper electrical conductivity.

Various thickness available matched to application

Are you looking for a specific thickness of the graphene nanoplatelets? We could customize and match the graphene thickness options, ideally suited to the specific needs of your application.

Manufactured in Europe

Discover the latest graphene technology, produced in the heart of Europe, with the highest quality standards.

How We Take Your Business
From Good to Great

Thanks to innovative graphene solutions
developed by our company - NanoEmi - graphene producer

Get access to
the most advanced graphene technology
and expertise when you choose us

Our Philosophy

Our team is dedicated to develop cutting edge methods of production of the graphene nanoplatelets and composites utilizing graphene with a special focus on composites which shield the electromagnetic radiation. We are committed to push the boundaries of what is possible with the graphene materials. We believe in utilizing this innovative technology to revolutionize industries and enhance the quality of life for individuals around the world. Our team of experts is dedicated to researching and developing new applications for graphene, with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. At our company, we strive to lead the way in the graphene industry, driving progress and change for a better future.

What drives Us

Our passion for innovation drives us to develop and commercialize nanotechnologies. By supplying the highest quality products we would like to unleash the full potential of graphene, delivering the next generation of materials that are lighter, stronger, and more sustainable. So if you're looking for a partner who's committed to revolutionizing the world of technology, look no further. Choose us, and let's create a brighter future together.

Some graphene statistics

higher than for copper
High conductivity
0 %
lighter than aluminum
0 x
absorption – each layer
0 %
stronger than steel
50 times

The Story of nanoEmi

We present the key moments of our company's activity. Find out with the history of the creation of nanoEmi as a spin-off company from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland.



Company set up by scientific team

The moment when a company is set up by a scientific team is a crucial one in the development and commercialization of any technology or product. In the case of graphene, the creation of companies by scientific teams has been a key driver in bringing the material from the laboratory to the market.





Krzysztof takes the role of CEO

One of the key moments in the history of the graphene-related company may be the assumption of the CEO position by Krzysztof Jakubczak. This event is significant because it marks a change in the direction of the company and strategic decisions that will be made in the future.





First grant received

The moment when nanoEmi received its first graphene grant was a significant milestone in our history.

This grant allowed the company to accelerate research and develop new applications for graphene in many industries, including advanced materials.
The funding also helped establish strong relationships with research institutions and industrial partners that have been critical to its success.





Key concepts confirmed and patent applications filed

After years of research and development, the team had developed a solid understanding of the properties and potential applications of graphene and other 2D materials. This understanding allowed them to identify key concepts for their technology and to develop a strategy for protecting their intellectual property.





First European patent granted

Our first patent on method to produce graphene flakes has been granted. Further work is continued.





Seed round raised and start of building the production lab

The seed round, or initial funding round, was a crucial moment for the company as it allowed them to secure the necessary capital to start building their production lab. This would enable them to begin producing graphene at scale, which was a major goal for the company.





New company headquarters

Our company moved along with the laboratory to a new location: nanoEMI, CEZAMAT Center, Poleczki 19 Str., 02-822 Warsaw, Poland





European patent

NanoEMI scientists have taken the next step in graphene-based technologies. We are proud to announce that our Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Composites patent number: EP 3703479 was officially granted and published.





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