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    We are a European producer of graphene

    Welcome to NanoEMI, your premier destination for graphene products. With our easy-to-use quote request form, you can effortlessly inquire about the graphene products you need.

    Unlock the vast potential of graphene and discover its remarkable properties for your industry. Our extensive range of graphene solutions offers enhanced conductivity, superior mechanical strength, and exceptional thermal stability. Whether you require graphene sheets, films, coatings, or customized graphene-based materials, we have you covered.

    nanoemi graphene flake powder ico

    Graphene flakes powder

    Graphene nanoplatelets in the form of graphene flakes powder. Unleash the power of innovation with our top-notch graphene flakes powder production for next-gen technologies.

    nanoemi graphene flakes suspension ico

    Graphene flakes suspension

    Full potential of graphene with our high-quality graphene flakes suspension, produced to the highest standards for maximum performance

    Emigraph - Composite sheets

    Composites that block electromagnetic radiation. Experience the power of innovation with our Emigraph composite sheets production with shielding solutions, made with the revolutionary graphene material.

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