NanoEMi nominated in the Deep Tech CEE Challenge in the Rising Stars category

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nanoEMI at event Deep Tech CEE Challenge in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that our company NanoEMI is among the 15 best finalists in the CEE Rising Stars category of the Deep Tech CEE Challenge 2023!

As one of the best startups in Central and Eastern Europe, we will compete for one of many prizes worth over EUR 150,000 in total, including a fast track to the registration phase of the Ready2Scale Acceleration Program run by CIVITTA.

Our projects based on research and development of new nanomaterials, such as pristine graphene flakes for electronic applications and 2D composites for effective electromagnetic radiation shielding, captured the attention of the jury. As evidence of our achievements, we have been invited to speak 🎤 at the prestigious CEE Innovators Gala at Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), scheduled for November 21st.

Who is the challenge for

  • Startups, scaleups or projects based on R&D or high-tech engineering.Initiatives focused on R&D, high-tech engineering, startups, or scaleups.
  • In the initial phases of growth or commencing their journey into commercialization (TRL 2-8).
  • Founded on innovative technology, a scientific breakthrough, or a sophisticated engineering procedure.
  • Tackling an unresolved industrial, societal, or environmental challenge or paving the way for a new market.
  • Formed by a team consisting of a minimum of two individuals.
  • Independent entities, not affiliated with or derived from existing companies.
  • Entailing substantial scientific or engineering uncertainties along with risks related to product-market fit.

What does deep tech mean?

Deep Techs encompass startups, scaleups, and initiatives rooted in research and development or advanced engineering (TRL 2-8).

They entail notable scientific or engineering uncertainties, along with the risk associated with product-market fit. These entities address challenges in the environmental, human, or industrial domains and are distinguished by a substantial barrier to entry, such as patents, extended implementation periods, and advanced technologies.

  • Aerospace & miltech
  • Advanced computing & electronics
  • Industry & machines
  • Digital health & medical devices
  • Medical biotech & pharmaceuticals
  • Food & agriculture
  • Energy & resources
  • Environment & biodiversity
  • Industrial biotech & new materials
  • Sustainable construction & infrastructure

Here is the full list of finalists(Rising Stars):

  • Microamp Solutions from Poland
  • TechNovator from Poland
  • Beholder from Estonia
  • Solumar from Bulgaria
  • Naco Technologies from Latvia
  • Gelatex from Estonia
  • nanoEMI from Poland
  • RVmagnetics from Slovakia
  • IDENTT Verification and Security Systems from Poland
  • Human Biome Institute from Poland
  • GScan from Estonia
  • Elven Technologies from Georgia
  • DynamicAirCooling from Poland
  • from Poland
  • Catalyco from Latvia

Congratulations to all finalists!


logo of nanoEmi - producer of graphene flakes